Coconut oil is better than Listerine

I’ve been shaving with coconut oil for a long time. It’s vastly superior and get a million dollar shave every time. The antimicrobial properties also act as a defense against any nicks/cuts.

I’ve always just used pussy juice.
Never had a problem.

Do you get pimples?

Do you walk around with a shiny face??

kills the monkey pox

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I heard

Yes but it sucks for lubrication.



To bang buttholes? I’m not saying I haven’t used it but that’s with squirters. Plus, I’m a gentleman and will go get kitchen condiments to drunkenly bang you into hemroids.

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I use coconut oil on my face and beard, just a little so you dont have a shiny face

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Come on back when you need another tune up… beep!

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Not at all. It’s usually rinsed off completely and face feels fantastic. Coconut oil does not clog pores. Stick with an organic, cold-pressed oil if you are considering.

Kramer knows. If only I could apply it like a stick of butter.

God that’s gross.