Cocoon Classic results cont.

Beginner. under 150lbs. Gi 1)Tigrao (Axe Capoeira-Cocoon) 2)Tim Chan (Cocoon) No Gi 1)Tigrao (Axe Capoeira-Cocoon) 2)Sterling Sawaya (Cocoon). 151-175lbs. Gi 1)Ivan Kanesic (Soares) 2)Edwin Monteith (Cocoon) No Gi 1)Zen Humpage (Axe Capoeira-Cocoon) 2)Edwin Montieth (Cocoon)
Intermediate. under 150lbs. Gi 1)Danny Qui (Coal Harbour) 2)Kevin Johns (Cocoon). No Gi 1)Danny Qui (Coal Harbour) 2)Tyler Goodwin (Norm Millross) 151-175lbs. Gi 1)Ian Sorenson (Cocoon) 2)Noal Caelian (CFG)
Advanced. 151-175lbs. Gi 1)Todd Smith (Soares) 2)Logan Lidemark (Cocoon). No Gi 1)Cody Dillman (Combat Athletics) 2)Logan Lidemark (Cocoon). 176-200lbs. 1)Shane Ricci (Cocoon) 2)John Tompkins (CFG). No Gi 1)Shane Ricci (Cocoon) 2)Ali Al-Rekabi (Suitela). Open 1)Mike Shuss (CFG) 2)R-Jay Alexander (Cocoon) No Gi Open. 1) Tom Montes (Suitela) 2)Jeff Dhorner (Combat Athletics)

The 2nd place athlete in the open No Gi Division was Jeff Thorner of Team Combat Athletics, Not Dhorner. Small detail but there it is.