COD Players

I just started playing warzone in December after getting a good PC. I don't think I've played a first person shooter since the early 2000's and had never played with a keyboard and mouse before, but I'm having a blast. I'm too shitty to get lobbies with hackers in them so I haven't really experienced that yet. 

ABCTT_delinodeshields -
ABCTT_delinodeshields -

Finally got 100 wins in warzone... still having a blast. 

Wow that’s good I got like 50 wins and over 800 top 10 finishes. Game is tough but fun as hell

Nice mate! What load outs are you running? Since the Kilo nerf I've been running the Amax and the Mac-10.... pretty standard but they shred.

MP7 with the VLK scope is my go to sub but I also use the MACK10 gallantry as much as I can on resurgence. I also like that legendary Krieg. I have been building up a Pellington sniper rifle which I love. 

lol i finally got my first SOLO WIN…