CoD uTube commentators

Juast noted on my uTube account I have way 2 many CoD mw2/black ops commentators.

Anyway thought id share some of the best who may not be as well known. check em out

1 aKaRushX he is a UK commentator, does alot of instructional videos, how to imporve gameplay and perks and guns reviews.

2 ONLYUSEmeBLADE knife only black ops

3 Chris Smoove

4 ELPRESADOR if nothing else, check him out. He is the most aggressive/angry man ever, funny as hell when he loses it

5 Sandy Ravage only does MW2 vids now, but he is amazing


6 zXNoRegretzzXz he does the 'how to annoy people in mw2' vids as Keven1811, a must watch.

Anyone got any one else worth watching apart from the usual Seananners, Woodysgamertag and Hutch?!?! 

ElPresador ftw


^alright people. The man is a complete phycio Phone Post

Psycho Phone Post

i like the kevin guy. he annoys the piss out of british kids on mw2. its funny to hear them call him a right cunt and a pervy bastard. he uses an american accent (hes actually irish) so they get even more upset.

Cr1tikal (penguinz0) makes some hilarious vids.