Coder Humiliation

OK, I am now ready to hand back my CS degree. I have worked as a security guard, used a bubble sort, even allowed a goto in one of my projects. But never before have I written anything in Visual Basic.

And do you know what? It was so easy... *shudders*

I need to get back to more masculine programming. Writing a compiler or a 3D engine or something.

You must program assembly for a month to atone for your behavior!

I quit a job, because they asked me to code in VB.

I like how you guys have the luxury of picking and choosing your IT jobs. I haven't even seen any that I'm even remotely qualified for in years. A VB job would be great right about now.

Although I'm ashamed of my brush with VB, messing around with it in Excel opens your eyes. The depth of all those office programs is unreal. Those of us who go through CS just learning enough to 'get by' in office apps are missing out. Excel might not always be elegant, but it can do just about fucking anything.

I'll grant you that. Being a Unix guy, I don't know shit about spreadsheets, but I have caught glimpses here and there of what they could do. Quite an eye-opener...

I have no idea what you guys are talking about, could you give me some examples? Use Excel all the time but can't do more than cut and paste. Don't know VB either (though I could probably pick it up in 30 min).

VB isn't very difficult to pick up, especially if you've had either BASIC or C/C++. If you've had both of those, I would imagine that VB would be almost no problem for you to pick up.

it's not a problem to pick up, it's just a fugly brain-damaged language.

plus, there is less point to learning it now... VB.Net takes away a lot of the things that make VB easier, to the point where you might as well just bite the bullet and go to C# supposedly...


That's one reason why I've not really ventured back to VB at all. Not that I have to time anyway but, I had heard the same thing about C# usurping much of the power that VB held over the market.

-still jobless

cajones is nowhere near correct.

VB is the best way to create Windows solutions quickly, and if you disagree you probably don't work in the industry. I've made tons of money and great solutions using VB over the years. I'm all about C# now, but VB isn't going anywhere and there's a reason. VC++ is certainly much more powerful, but it lacks the productivity features that VB has to offer. Edit-and-continue being the main deal-breaker. A lot of dumbasses will say that generally VC++ guys write better code than VB guys and that's pure bullshit. You can write fucked up apps with any language...and believe me people do! To have a programming language war of egos is to miss the point. The main point is can you deliver a good product in the time alloted. I've ran into so much code that was created by CS academic types that believe that everything has to be a design pattern or multitiered and the code is rediculously complex and is not at all extensible, and worst of all...ends up over-time and over-budget and the customers hate the product.

Hey, if the solution calls for VC++ (and it does a lot of times), use it. Likewise for VB, C#, Java, Perl, or whatever you are into. But for crying out loud, write good code and comment the shit please!

theseanster is enlightened. I'll never understand the ego associated with the IT field.

I understand it. I've worked with too many of them.

Whoa, what the hell have you been smoking junior?


actually, I learned VB as my first language.

Luckily, I had heard the criticisms of VB and went on to Java, C, and Python.

I have to say that VB is not generally taught well... in my Java classes, I got a solid background in basic CS stuff.

the VB class was taught by the IT department and tried to pack too much in without giving the theory behind things.

cajones, you are painting a very broad, negative picture. That's fine, I guess because personally, I've met more bad developers than good ones, and I have no more respect for C++, Java, Perl, or (insert language here _____) developers than VB developers. Everyone is guilty of being a complete hack until proven otherwise in my book. It's a safe bet. It's probably also a safe bet that you probably know very little about what you are talking about as well. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. :-)

LOL. Yup, they sure do...and guys who don't like VB programmers are mostly gay or have penis envy.

Glad I'm a C# developer. :-)