Coffee, caffeine & fatigue

Can the caffeine in coffee lead to fatigue for when you train? I noticed that if I have a cup sometime after 1-1:30p, I am really fatigued when it comes down to train. Yesterday was a chief case in point. The moment we started doing some double leg reps, I felt weak. So on and so forth, every drill we did required a lot more effort and just made me incredibly tired. I had some great energy for the last few months or so in terms of training and was caught off guard. I had about 7 hrs of sleep the night before as well.

Anybody have recommendations on how to get that pep before training? Is coffee or any other kind of caffeine not a choice? Perhaps a nap? Breathing exercises?


but its seriously like drugs. i think if you drink coffee without sugar you should be ok. i think its the mix of sugar and caffeine that leads to that fatigued feeling, at least thats what my instructor told me.

coffee is the live blood that fuels champions. period.

I train at around 7p. I drink coffee usually in the morning. But every once in a while, like this instance, I had it around 2-ish. I had it with Sweet&Low too so no sugar. FYI, I also drank a cup of green tea about an hour after.

A fair number of people in sports like fencing drink coffee almost continuously to stay alert during competition.

Caffeine is regarded as a performance enhancer. People have faced bans because of excessive caffeine in their urine tests.

Dare I say most BJJ instructors are not experts on psychopharmacology or nutrition. No offence meant, I want my guy to be good at BJJ and instructing it, less so anything else.

I'm no expert either. I notice myself, not so much with coffee but with drinks like Red Bull and V, that I get a short term energy surge followed by an energy crash later.

Maybe you were just having an off day. And you probably have to find what works for you, which may not work for others and vice versa.

I drink Coffee all of the time!

You would need to do it more than once really.

Could have just had an off day or it could have been any number of other things, it happens.

Stopped drinking caffeine about two weeks ago and have never felt better training. No sudden drops and fatigue. I feel like I am 20 again.

That's true, it could definitely have been an off day. I always thought "off days" were equated with issues with timing and not being in the "zone." But I guess an off day could be a day with some overwhelming fatigue. Do any of you guys ever experience the kind of fatigue I described? It wasn't a drowsiness, it was just an overall feeling of being weak, where everything I did required a lot more exertion and energy that I didn't have.

I'm definitely dropping coffee. What can I say, I just like the taste. As an attorney in court constantly, I need a boost in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

adrenal fatigue?

too much caf. quickly leads to excessive lactic acid build-up. though, the right amount taken at the right time will improve your perf.


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but its seriously like drugs. i think if you drink coffee without sugar you should be ok. i think its the mix of sugar and caffeine that leads to that fatigued feeling, at least thats what my instructor told me.

Err....Caffeine actually IS a drug. I don't like to train on stimulants. They seriously made me gas earlier because of the heart rate increase. Plus I've seen people become dependent on them. You're better off without them IMO.

coffee is the life blood that fuels champions!!!

"As a result of these 2 cellular mechanisms of action, caffeine causes increased lipolysis, a facilitation of central nervous system transmission, a reduction in plasma potassium during exercise, an increased force of muscle contraction at lower frequencies of stimulation, and a sparing of muscle glycogen (partially or wholly due to an increase in free fatty acid oxidation). These mechanisms of action would predict that caffeine should be of ergogenic benefit during endurance exercise performance, especially when glycogen depletion would be rate limiting to performance. A review of the literature suggests that caffeine at doses of approximately 6 mg/kg is not of ergogenic benefit to high intensity exercise performance, but similar doses are ergogenic in endurance exercise performance."

PubMed is the best!

Different Study

"At the cellular level, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), enhances neuromuscular transmission and improves skeletal muscle contractility. The former two effects seem to have facilitative effects on activities which require quick reactions and rapid movements. This is evident in that simple and choice reaction and movement times are reduced following ingestion of small quantities of caffeine. It appears, however, that the caffeine-induced increases in muscle contractility seen in vitro do not translate into improved strength, in vivo. Acute caffeine ingestion does not seem to increase maximal voluntary contractions or maximal power output nor delay fatigue. Thus use of caffeine to improve performance in activities requiring strength and short-term endurance seems unwarrented. Further research is needed before clear conclusions can be draw regarding caffeine's effects on neuromuscular function and high-intensity exercise performance."$=relatedreviews&logdbfrom=pubmed

It could be argued that BJJ is both aerobic AND anaerobic...

green tea

I have not been on the mat without cup of coffee in hand in years. It's jiu-jitsu fuel.

^^^^Correct, it is a fact coffee helps in both stamina and strength.

All that energy you get from caffeine is only borrowed. Once the energy boost runs out you will get very tired and must rest your body.