Coffee, good or bad????

For added energy prior to a workout??

It's fine as long as it doesn't become a crutch. But if you find yourself taking it before every workout, it's going to deplete your adrenals, jack up cortisol levels and weaken your CNS over the long haul.

I know some guys use NO2 and energy type supplements religiously which are jacked up with caffeine. The first time they tried it (hefty caffeine dose),they were flying. They liked the rush, so they take it again...and again... The problem is they've become dependent on it, so when they don't use it, their depleted catecholamine levels make them feel drained. Don't let yourself get in that situation.

The strongest guys in the world save stimulants for competition, not training.

If you cannot workout without taking stimulants, I highly recommend stamp collecting.

"If you cannot workout without taking stimulants, I highly recommend stamp collecting."

LOL, good one. You might be right


I just saw your other thread.

WHen you're first starting out with a workout program (or coming back from an extended layoff, which I've had to do twice in the past due to severe injuries) I won't lie-working out sucks. THis is coming from a guy who's been working out since he was 8 years old, who enjoys it...

it took me a good 2 months before my body started becoming more compliant and I enjoyed working out once more.

But back to what I was saying- when you're bent out of shape, your body hates it because it's been sedentary for so long. But stick with it. After those initial weeks, your body adapts, and not only can you see the changes...but it feels different too; it actually starts to feel good.

Go ahead and use caffeine, but I'd try to limit yourself to no more than twice a week. One condition though- you cannot use it as an excuse to half-ass it on workout days you don't take caffeine. Force yourself to stick with it.

I used to use it on the days when i didnt feel alot of energy, but soon i became relient on it and i then had to take it everyday just to feel normal.
Just get more sleep and eat healthier

Thanks Hertswenip, good infomation......I have a 3yr old and a 1yr old and they have opted to make nightime sleep difficult for us lately.

right around class time im getn sleepy is the problem so I have been using coffee more often lately. But sometimes I have a very good workout but others not really (still slugish), so maybe Im using it to much.

What sparked this question is I seen a clip from Erik Paulson stating that black coffee is more healthier then green tea and a few other things out there. Says he takes it before every workout (or something like that).

So I wanted some oppinions

I'd like to know why Erik Paulson feels that way- green tea is a very healthy option.

Infact in regard to body composition, I'd prefer it to coffee as well.

Assuming that you are going ahead with coffee/GT...

On days you do not take caffeine or other stimulants, take a good b-vitamin complex. (While taking them together is synergistic, I'd avoid this. B-vitamins are essentially cofactors that allow your body and adrenals to manufacture various catecholamines and neurotransmitters. When you take them together, the resultantly high levels of said compounds tend to speed up the process of downregulation, which means you will become more resistant and require higher doses of caffeine to yield the same levels of alertness). Taking the b-vitamins on your days off will also facilitate adrenal recovery in addition to providing a mild boost in energy levels.

Thank you sir....funny I recently purchased some actually, just havent started taking them.

I will dig up that link from youtube for was the first time I heard anything like that about coffee.

And since I got you posting and dont really want to start a new thread.....A worker from the gym I attend was telling me about two supplements that help in muscle recovery, after intense workouts (was talking to him about my situation a little). I think he they were amino acids and glucosomine (not sure on the second). Anyway, what is your oppinion on these? is that what they actually do or is he just trying to make a sale?