Cohiba Esplendido's


I have 2 boxes of Cohiba Esplendidos available.  The Cigars were in the factory a week ago, and brought to Canada by a Cuban Friend.  I will vouch personally that these are the real thing, having tried them over the last couple of years.

Cost is $200 per box of 20 plus actual shipping costs, 2 boxes only, first response takes.  I expect to be shipping to Canada, but I will ship anywhere in the world if the person requires it.

I have been a forum member for years, am a mod on one forum, and hope that my word is good enough since I will insist on recieving payment before I ship. 

Thank you, and I hope this is a good deal that makes someone happy.



and you're offering them only to members outside the US, right?


Is this a requirement of the forum ?. I can understand if it is. Right now my intention is to ship to whoever wants, but if that's not cool, well I will change that pronto.


Hey man I'm in winnipeg, and i would be interested, if they are genuine. Do they have the hologram on the box? Could you email me a photo of the hologram prior to me sending cash?

Chin, maybe ask him to post a pic of a box of Esp that come with 20 cigars?

Chinaski, are you interested in both boxes ?. I KNOW these are real, since my buddy who fetched them is a Cuban immigrant to Canada, and also happens to work in my dept. I had to sign off on his vacation request !. The boxes have a hologram, and I have no problem emailing an image of that to you.

I am surprised that I am getting so little interest in these, I priced the box at a retail place here today, and although I am sure they are overpriced, they wanted $890 for the same box of cigars

Anyway, drop me an email on and we can set something up. I should have mentioned earlier, the dude wants US, so its gonna cost 225CAD a box. I am not ripping you off, I just forgot.

If anyone else wants a box, and does not want to post publically, drop me a email, and if Chinaski folds I will sell to the next in line.

Thanks guys !


Post a picture, please


I was just yankin' your chain. I was just referencing the obvious illegal nature of selling Cuban cigars within the US


Yeah, usually I woulda been all over that, I have a good sense of humour. The fact is, I know that Cuban cigars are a problem in the USA, and that it may be against forum rules. Kirik has done me a few solids in the past, and the last thing I want to do is piss in his back garden, which is why I was pretty sensitive.

Where is the best place to host the jpeg ?


Deal is off guys, I know very little about cigars, but I know a lot about woodworking including fittings, and I started seeing things about the box that I was not happy with. Eventually I persuaded my buddy to pop a box, and saw more that I am not comfortable with. Pretty good fakes in some respects, but not in others.

Although I trust this guy implicitly, even he admits that there is nothing to say that his contact in Cuba is not selling him fakes.

Thanks for the links, and thanks for the quick cigar education I got out of it :-)


Even if not Coh/ they still are prob made of Cub tobacco.

Not a total loss