coke post workout drink??

my roomate told me that coke is a good post workout drink because it restores your glycogen or something. is this true? i hope so because i'm guzzling some coke as we speak.

i don't know about coke, but i have heard people say this about chocolate milk.

lol! that is worst thing I have ever heard sak but what the hell do I know

I believe your roomate is on crack. Depending on what you want to accomplish. Drink a big fat protein shanke with gatorade or propel. This will restore your electrolytes, rehydrate you, and fill you with the much needed post-workout portein fix. If you are not looking to bulk, same thing accept not as much pro. 60grams if bulking, 25 if your not. JMO

I heard that mcdonalds french fries replenish glycogen stores as well

Alot of marathoners drink coke, or (probably) watered down coke to replenish their glycogen. Its not uncommon at all. Gatorade has so little of any important electrolyte it's not much better anyway. The rest is pretty much just sugar. Some glucose and fructose.

In low enough quantities a bit of glucose and fructose (i think it's 7% or less, but dont quote me) will actually cause the water (cold) to absorb faster (by a factor of a minute or so, nothing big, but important while you're running).

Believe it or not, although you have lost electrolytes during exercise, your concentration gradients are all fucked up because the percentage of serum electrolytes shoot through the roof. This is because you sweat waaaay more water than you sweat electrolytes.

Besides, you're probably consuming a 30:1 ratio sodium to potassium anyway, and that's way off what it should be.


I wouldn't recommend coke to someone as a post-workout beverage considering all the better options available.

That being said:

Drinking a coke is better than not drinking any carbs post-workout.

If you simply must drink a coke each day, it will affect your blood sugar less after a workout than any other time.

Brian Jones
KAGI Sports, Inc.

i'd rather drink half gatorade/ half water than coke.

coke would not just be too appealing after a hard workout or long run . you dig

pepporini pizza restores glucose that was lost in workouts. FACT

half cup oj, half cup water, 1 scoop protein


1 cup water, 1 tsp honey, 1 scoop protein

Endurance athletes drink de-fizzed coke to replenish simple carbs, but also the caffine helps mobilize stored fat. The more fat you can burn the more stored glycogen you will have when you really need it. i.e. sprint finish in cycling.

I used to make a post workout drink that was essentially chocolate milk with instant coffee crystals blended together. (other additions were protein powder and/or bananas)

Diet coke could be a pre-workout drink because of the caffeine.

Your roomate probably meant if all the first choice options are not available, coke isnt that bad used in that context

You dont want carbs w/o the protien. The carbs replenish glycogen level, but also are used to shuttle the protein into the muscles. So if you have no protein there the you are just spiking your insulin levels for nothing and causing your body to hold onto fat cells.

I really like to drink surge by biotest after workouts, and its only $21.

Vitargo- a fast digesting complex carb. At only $45 a tub, it's a steal. (sarcasm)

I like Surge!, but it is costly

agreed UrBloodOnMyFisT you sir know your shit!

Not that simple, Glycemic index is the, the effect on blood glucose levels with straight table sugar being the base line at 100. Things like protein and fat content lower the GI, therefore post workout drinks with protein lowers insulin levels. Think don't regurgitate

Now, school is out of session.

sfbjj: that's an overly simplistic line of thinking. There are many, many, MANY different protein types. Each has its own intrinsic qualities. Please see "Glycemia and insulinemia in healthy subjects after lactose-equivalent meals of milk and other food proteins: the role of plasma amino acids and incretins.
Am J Clin Nutr. 2004 Nov;80(5):1246-53. " - this is just one study illustrating the differing insulinogenic qualities of protein types.

an excerpt...

CONCLUSIONS: It can be concluded that food proteins differ in their capacity to stimulate insulin release, possibly by differently affecting the early release of incretin hormones and insulinotropic amino acids. Milk proteins have insulinotropic properties; the whey fraction contains the predominating insulin secretagogue.

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Simplicity is the best way to think about things when it comes to training. You can eat as perfectly as possible and know all the scientific protocols for training systems, but you are still striving very small gains. I've been training over half my life, I spent a lot of money on supplements but never saw as good of gains as I have when I've had great work out partners. Intesity of the work out is the key.

I can't dispute these studies because I've never read them, but studies on GI are overly simplistic because most meals are not that simple. Once you throw in complex carbs, protein and fat you change everything.

Whatever, I going to eat my Salami and Cheese samich after I workout and not worry about it.

I'm going to create a study on bacon milk shakes and have all you drining them