"COKER 1 - BLAF 0"

My response to that thread.

People are looking at this the wrong way. It's a sign of cooperation between Bellator and the UFC. Just as the Eddie Alvarez signing with the UFC talk is.

It suggests that Coker and DFW are working a mutually beneficial business relationship this time. Coker doesn't want to fail at Bellator and doesn't want Bellator to be swallowed like StrikeForce was.

Additionally, this is a way for the UFC to back-track from the Ronda vs Gina immediate title shot that was receiving so much backlash. Also, Gina is far more valuable to a smaller promotion, and she is probably going to make more money in Bellator knocking around a few cans until she's ready to move up.

If I'm not mistaken, DFW has only said good things about Coker and about Bellator bringing him on?

MMA needs a strong 2nd tier promotion, and it looks like Bellator is going to fill that role. What that means to us is that there will be less fucking around or game playing when it comes to fighter contracts. They're going to streamline the process of Bellator fighters moving up and struggling UFC fighters moving down to regroup.

This is all around a good thing for the fans and for the sport.

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