Coker: Female MMA here to stay

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                                Coker: Female MMA here to stay

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"It's here to stay," Coker said. "Showtime loves female fights. I love the female fights. I've always believed in it."

"We did the first female fight in 2006 with Gina Carano fighting Elaina Maxwell back in the day," Coker said. "That was the first fight in the state of California that was sanctioned. We're going to continue doing it."

Whether or not the women will ever step into the UFC cage remains to be seen. White has long contended that there simply aren't enough women in the sport to create a meaningful division, but upstart promotions like the all-female Invicta Fighting Championships are working hard to change that.

Recently, White has even been quoted as saying, hypothetically speaking, that Rousey could someday potentially serve as the first female to fight in the UFC's octagon. While television contracts and operational policies currently make that dream impossible, it's obvious White is at least taking more notice of what female fighting is all about.

And Coker believes it's time for others to do the same.

"I think they've proved themselves again and again and again," Coker said. "Those questions, I think, should stop coming up."

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Good to hear Phone Post

I like WMMA, my dirty little secret is: I absolutely love Jewel FC. They are so crazy on the ground. Phone Post

I'm also going to talk to Dana about making this happen.