Col. Macgregor: the war is over, the failed state Ukraine lost, they are a disaster

Someone here accused Rand Paul of being a Russian agent merely because he wanted a more accurate accounting of how the 40 billion to Ukraine was going to be spent.

And not long after the aid was approved, official reports came out stating the Pentagon was having trouble accounting for the money lol.


“Beware of the Military Industrial Complex” -President (Gen.) Eisenhower

Especially these war pimps…

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“He’s a Russian shill!” is a variant of “he’s a racist!”

It’s a lazy and generic insult liberals use now to try and shut down anyone who disagrees.

Was that statement made before NATO countries began supplying a proxy war?

Didn’t watch the video, but yep…and it was that kid sniffer Biden who conspired to make this war happen thinking he was going to get famous for taking down big bad Russia. Well, Russia is doing fine while us Americans are now paying $5 - $10 at the gas pump, the stock market is crashing, and a Big Mac meal will run you around $15. C’mon man!!

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LOL…this dipshit has been WRONG since the very beginning and has tirelessly shilled for the Kremlin.

First he claimed the conflict would be over in under two weeks and Ukraine should immediately surrender before the Russians shelled Odessa into ruins…

Then he claimed that the stalled Russian advance was actually a topk sekret stratagem comrade and they were briefly consolidating for an offensive that would capture Kyiv and push to Odessa.

Then he claimed that the humiliating Russian abandonment of northwest Ukraine would allow for a massive pincer movement that would encircle eastern Ukraine and immediately end the war.

Who cares what he has to say now? It’s just going to be another variation of “Russia good, Ukraine bad, Ukraine surrender!”

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As opposed to being just another variation of “Ukraine good, Russia bad, Russia surrender!”???

This moron has been DEAD WRONG about everything, in addition to being a Russian shill…

So what should we do with all the Ukraine shills who’ve been telling us for weeks how terribly things have been going for Russia and how they would give up and go home ANY DAY NOW?

Noone has claimed this, liar.

Another 450 million for Ukraine.

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Lol. Right. No one has claimed the Russians were doing terribly, not achieving any of their goals, and would inevitably lose. Zero people have claimed that.

Look at what you wrote:


I’m an 11A and speak Russian at a B1 level so…not liberal and not some Ukrainian cheerleader.

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Well, to the extent you are accurately reflecting his comments… while certainly ‘wrong’… actually not as crappy as the dog food the State Dept has been feeding us…

Maybe the US government can send em another couple billion.

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