Colangelo Comentating

I watched the recent TKO last night, Mark did a great job commentating.

My favorite quote:
"He's the reason God invented guns"
- in reference to Steve Vigneault being unstoppable.

"I guess Winnipeg packed up and moved to Alberta"
- in reference to the announcer who didn't seem to know where Winnipeg was.

i agree ord. Really good job

'Ord is correct. Aquaviva is correct. Colangelo was both entertaining and informative.


I liked when he was talking about how tough Pellerin is to submit.

"I choked the shit outa him!"


Did he comment on his own fight? If so, what did he say?

I think he might have mentioned that I was by far the best looking opponent he has ever faced. He then went on to say that his girlfriend kept calling him Sean but it was just a poor translation from English to French and she is currently just learning French.


Thanks guys..except for you Pierson! :o)

They didn't show Colangelo/Bocek.

Great job Mark!!!

I believe my fight with Bocek is going to be an extra on the DVD...i did do the comentating for that was actually quite fun to do!

You mean there will actually be a DVD????


That's the word! :o)

Mr. Colangelo.

Please be absolutly sure I get the first copy.

If not. I will be very angry.

Your best friend,


The only thing I don't like about Marks commentating is when he does it while we are rolling..LOL "oh, and Shawn makes a fatal error and Mark shoves his head up his.." get the idea

Get a room!!! LOL!

Come on Rene, I don't post often but when I do....

Oh No! Shawn verbally taps himself out again!

Dougie...I'm on it bro!

Dear Mr. Colangelo,

Thank you.

**crossing a name off the special "list"**

JHR! Where did you get that picture of Dougie??
Dougie...thanks for taking me off that list!