Colby looking very small and frail for his fight vs Khamzat

Is Colby doing alright? Hiding a disease possibly? He’s looking very frail here. I think he’s in a lot of trouble against Hamzat. I’ll be betting heavy against him this time.

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I thought kazmat was fighting Giblert?



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Really I thought Colby was fighting khamzat early 2023? Has a fight with Gilbert already been signed? Why would anyone wanna see him fight Gilbert again? So many better fights for him

Somebody had to say it


lol he fucking rocks


For some reason I can’t picture Colby actually fighting the new breed of welterweights. Not really his brand. He’ll probably retire soon


I hope Colby is preppy for a run at 155lbs.

He can definitely make the weight. He weighs less than Dustin during training


Colby has said in interviews that he has no interest in cutting weight to make lightweight and prefers to fight at his natural weight of 170. Of course, he said it in the most Colby Covington way possible:

“No, I’m not a bully. I’m not like Dustin-Louisiana-swamp-trash-Poirier. That guy, he’s a bully. He’s gotta cut all that weight. he grew and he hit a growth spurt, you know, in his mid-late 20s. He’s a bigger guy now. He walks around at 185, 190. But, I don’t wanna struggle. When you cut that type of weight… it’s so unhealthy for your body, taking all that water out of your brain and just dehydrating your body like that, it’s just not good, man. So, I’m thinking about the long-run in my life. I’m not cheating, I’m not using steroids, I’m not cutting mass amounts of weight, things that just destroy your body and take years off your life. So, you know, I do it the right way. I just show up and fight at my natural weight class that I weigh,” said Colby Covington.


When though? He’s now 0-2 against Usman. Usman is [most likely] going to beat Leon and be champ again

Makes most sense for Colby to join the LW division. It would be so awesome

Dan hooker & Justin G. were both talking shit about him. He should go down and beat their asses


he was too busy to train

he was telling the cops about his training mates …busy times

the snitch does have his fans on here
follow rats who think its cool to talk shit and its wrong to punish them for their dirty words


Someone finally talking truth about this bloke

I thought the lip dude was going to 85.

He can’t make a decision. Seems a little off mentally tbh

No matter what people think of Colby you gotta respect him as a fighter. His mindset of fighting guys his size is very uncommon and highly respectable.


And Gilbert fighting Masvidal?

This just melted my brain.

Fighting 170lbs Championship in the UFC in 2022 without cutting weight or using Usman dr…

That’s a hard man. Holy fuck.

Which is exactly why I’d like to see him make a run at LW. I think he’d beat just about everyone and give Islam his bigger challenge