Colby looking very small and frail for his fight vs Khamzat

Mate this is provided you actually believe what Colby says to the press. Which considering he has fabricated his entire personality is a little naive

Costa has become full awesome :rofl:


His personality is fabricated and changed mid-career to keep him going and it worked. Not my thing but it obviously paid off for him and doesn’t necessarily negate everything else he says or stands by.

His size and all else have never changed. I think our own eyes tell us he isn’t lying about not being a weight cutter.

Can’t verify claims of being clean but he hasn’t looked shady and passes his tests.


Colby will wear this guy down and kick the shit out of him…

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That would be incredible but he’s just extremely undersized for a beast like Hazmat. Would love to see it though. I had high hopes for Colby. Then he took two L’s to Usman

Gloves for lifting? Fuck this guy. I hate everything about him.


Seems like his gym mostly does CrossFit. A lot of great fighters implement CrossFit style workouts in training

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