Colby releases the video of Dustin sparring

Colby has been playing the audio from this on his recent interviews, well he’s a man of his word and released the clip.

Dustin is supposedly sparring with an amateur before his Khabib fight, and celebrates after dropping him

That’s no amateur. Lol

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I don’t see Colby’s point? Its training. Dustin seemed fired up but whats he pointing out with this video?


colby is so lame

no one cares

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Didint watch, but hey he is prizefighter

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What was the issue? Put your headgear on, I guess??

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The issue coming from Colby is that that supposedly Dustin is an asshole to his training partners, and his celebration “And NEW”.

I don’t have issue with it. It would be different if your sparring partner got knocked out but this wasn’t bad.

You are correct. He’s 16-5

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While I don’t know anything about the sparring partner other than what I’m learning in this thread. I would have to think anybody rocking the nickname “Buakaw” has to have some serious striking ability.

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