Cold Calling is a Waste of Time?

Dialing for dollars! Works for some types of business, not so great for others imo.

Selling to VITO is overrated in many aspects and needs some serious updating. If you are selling products, most often it is a great tool, but if you're ever selling service, it is not that great (unless you tweak it). Not to mention, in many business industries, EVERYONE is doing the same thing (although if you've never done it before, it is an eye opener).

All that aside, it is possible to turn cold calls into warm calls and get great appointments. I once worked in an industry that involved using almost exclusively cold calls to generate leads.

And without a doubt it could have been done more efficiently.

Obviously Selling to VITO needs to be tweaked for a service oriented business, but the underlying principles are the same.

Didn't you used to sell real estate?