Cold Remedies

Anybody have any good cold remedies. This garbage over the counter shit isn’t doing anything. I just want to stop coughing.

I do have some liquor but that usually just makes me feel worse.

Anybody try psylicibin, I have some wonderbars?

Not sure if you’re just trolling for shrooms, but there are two types of cough suppressants. One is just to stop coughing, a dry cough. The other is an expectorant which helps get the rattly shit out of your lungs from a wet cough.

Maybe you need an expectorant, or maybe need shrooms, who knows?

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its a dry cough, but it’s starting to turn into the one that rattles shit out.

I tried drinking some honey, maybe that will do something


You had a good run.


Covid is fake.

Be funny if I died of Covid :slight_smile:

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Warm water with honey worked pretty well.

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Hot tea with mint , honey, and lemon. Eat an orange and chew on a garlic clove. Another Old timer trick out here is wrap yourself with a blanket and drink brandy or whisky.

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Mucinex and a shot of tequila.

Dead serious

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