Cold Steel folders

For those of you that like cold steel knives, which one of the folders would you prefer for just a general self-defense carrying knife (not taking into consideration state laws, just your opinion)? I've seen a couple that I like, but I was just wondering what other people thought.


I can't disregard carry laws. To be practical, it has to be something that I can carry without any worries. I like the Recon too, it's really cool and has a good fighting profile, but no way would you catch me with one of those on the streets. (It's not a folder, anyway, you were asking about folders.) All the big fixed-blades are good in theory. They're well put together, good steel, they slash, they hack, they stab.

The only one I've owned is the Voyager, but having handled the newer ones with leaf spring locks in-store, I think they're nicer. I think a serrated 3-4 i folder with a pocket clip is a great thing for anyone to have. Just not that land-sea rescue folder they have, or whatever they call it, since there's no point on it.

Since I've only owned ONE, I can't make any comparisons, and I shouldn't be allowed to vote. So disregard this post, I was deliberately wasting your time.

My faves:

Cold Steel Vaquero Grande (the only knife I own that scares even ME)

Cold Steel XL Voyager

As you can see, I like my folding knives BIG.

voyager full serated edge, any length (i have 3 sizes, the 3 inch is bad ass cause it's so smal and yet so leathel)


Big does make a difference. Frankly I do realize that a 5-6i is an advantage in combat as opposed to what I carry. Bigger range, bigger margins, bigger leverage.

Thanks guys. Anyone else?

Cold Steel stuff is ok....Spyderco and Benchmade are nicer but more $.

Cold steel has good stuff. Not on the same level as spyderco or benchmade, but I don't think bench or spydies make big blades.

Camillus has the cuda maxx and the aftermath, but they only go to 5.5". And they look a little too "slick", as opposed to the Vaquero Grande.

You consider Spyderco better than Cold Steel? I look at them as about par (though I like Spyderco's handle for ergonomics). What do you think is better about Spyderco?

better steel, better handle materials, better qc.

cold steel is good (I own several), but spyderco is better.

effing, what's this Cold Steel tanto folder that has no clip? Do they still sell this? Can you post pics? I imagine it's something heftier than the Voyagers...

Any opions on emerson knives?

I like emerson knives a lot. I've been carrying one for over 10 years. Mine is so old it has the emerson logo on one side and the benchmade on the other. When they were making knives together.
I like the Commander, but don't own one.

I have a Commander, CQC-7, and a LaGriffe. These are my favorite knives I have ever owned.

Chisel grind is a personal preference, and I choose to regrind the blade on my Commander. It is now razor sharp.

Cold Steel has started using much cheaper steel in their blades lately and their warranty is not as great as they say. Go to and for reviews of every folder you can think of. You can get something better for the same price or even cheaper.

If the item is itself legal, you will probably be okay.