Cold Steel

I've seen several posts on the OG praising Cold Steel knives. Where can I find those? I'd like to take a look at what's available.

You can find 'em here:

I am a Cold Steel Dealer, and I can attest that the blades I have received through them are tough! If you have any questions on the products, I'll do my best to answer you.

All the best

Guro Steve L.
ps: if you are interested in a purchase contact me for our price list, at

cool. thanks.

Steven, i was lookin' at the voyager. i'll drop you an email later.

Yep,i used to work for merlos cutting edge,and i own a cold steel recon tanto.I had a army ranger tell me if there was one knife he could take in the field it would be that one.Go to

Hello Arcangael,

I have a voyager clip point. Very nice blade. Drop me a line when you can.

Train Hard, it is the Way!

Guro Steve L.

I have a Recon Tanto which I have abused greatly--it is truly the Timex of fighting knives!

I also have an SRK that I modified by mounting a fencing saber pommel nut onto the end of a handle to shift the balance point--it now balances like an Applegate-Fairbairn dagger, i.e., it's handle heavy, which I personally prefer for knives of that size. should have mail!

i have -

2 "3 inch" and 1 "5 inch fully serated voyagers

the 5 and 7 inch vaquero fully serated

and a 5 inch fully serated night ranger

i have several other blades, including bench made - but i like the cold steels the best

i also love my 2 delta darts by C.S.

I have one of their special forces shovels (the
russian type) in my truck and it is a cheap, useful
tool that would be a whale of a weapon if used for
that. I also had one of the sjamboks at one time
and loved it but no longer have the thing. From
what I've seen of their knives they are excellent.


their knoves are top notch. Spyderco and Cold Steel are the only makers I buy from.

Cold steel knives are vary good quality and more affordable than other high qualitity blades.

I own three CS knives. Awesome and tough. With this Cold Steel you won't have to worry about them breaking or being pieces of shit when you use them. The best thing is that ALL their knives are excellent.

i want one of the Cold Steel Torpedos... hook me

You don't want 1 torpedo, you want at least 3! I use an old leather work glove as a sheath, slide one end of each torpedo down into a finger, tuck the glove into a back pocket, draw and throw. I have several of both the large and small, great fun is had by all!

is it true they have great piercing power like the ad says?

i dont believe it can pierce a cinder block like a saw once..

Man, these things are HEAVY. If you score point first, yeah it would probably break a cinder block. Heck, even if the point didn't hit, I think I could throw it hard enough to break a cinder block (cinder blocks really aren't that tough).

*LMFAO* Not to dis or anything, but I could just imagine the litigation that would result if you used a torpedo in a self-defense situation.

Litigation? Well, I guess if you took a video, or confessed, or something. Hit him in the head (or finish him after breaking his arm/hand/leg) and I don't think he'll be sueing you. But yeah, it is a gruesome looking, no other reasonable use, use only in case of extreme emergency, bring your lawyer's card with you, sort of a weapon. I mostly use it for fun, and my nephew has had great luck rabbit hunting with one of the smaller ones, he spins it sidearm, doesn't try to use the point, just clubs the bunny down with the equivalent of a metal brick. And why would that be a dis? I never said I was down at the mall with a pocket full of torpedos (is there a rap song in there somewhere?) Don't sweat offending me, bro, I love to discuss most any topic!

where can u buy different sizes? i only seen 1 size @