Cold Water therapy

I have been utilizing "cold water dousing" in the form of turning the shower to as cold as possible for the last 3 to 5 seconds of my showers. I have had great results, haven't had a cold since starting this daily practice. My question is, would I get even greater results if I lengthened the time spent under cold water? thank you in advance.

TZ, no way to know unless you try. Just remember this is an immune system "trick." By shocking your CNS, you bolster the immune system. When your CNS sensitizes to the temperature, you meet diminish returns on duration... and your CNS sensitizes faster than your skin temperature acclimates.

Very interesting ... I've been utilising cold water and have found it to be a great stimulus/wakeup call.

Are you saying Scott that essentially it is a protocol which is, long term, not worth following due to the body becoming acclimatised to it? Or would it possibly be wise to use it sparingly so to speak, perhaps not using such methods all the time?



Tempering methods such as cold water dousing are methods to induce adaptation. Once the individual adapts to the level of stress induced, then repeating the same level of stress meets diminishing returns. Interpret it as you will.

I had read about this a long time ago.

It was not untill a friend of mine told me about his feelings about this that I gave it a try.

I have been doing this for a while now and I love it! I do it twice a day once before noon (usually about 5:00am) and once beofe midnight (usually about 8:00pm).

I really love it and do it every day. It never fails to elicit an intense response in me. I have not missed a day for quite a while.


Start warm and turn it WAY down. I think in the saved threads I explain my exp. with cold water conditioning.

Scott- I've noticed that on days its below -15C (half the winter) I can't bring myself to do it. Any tricks?


Any tricks?

I'll let you in on the best one of all.

step 1: Relax

step 2: Go do it!

The appetite comes with the meal. You could read an eloquent 2 page article on bringing yourself to do it.. does you no good unless you go outside and do it anyway. Don't trick yourself into doing it... as the good folks at Nike put it best.. "Just do it!"

Hello Scott and gang,

One point of suggestion I'd like to offer to
martial_shadow and anyone else on dealing with
the extreme temperatures is to NOT tense up prior
to the dousing. We can be tempted to want to
"psych up" for the event--to tense your muscles
and to "get ready for it." I personally don't
recommmend this.

What has worked really well for me as a
pyschological tempering exercise is to go from very
hot to as cold as possible and to be completely
relaxed and calm during the whole time. No
tensing, no psyching up. I just relax and sort of
methodically analyze what I'm feeling--almost as
an outside observer.

Besides the already stated benefits of
dousing--the immune system boost, the
accompanying euphoria, I find that it's an
additional resource for psychological tempering.

It's funny (ironic, not ha-ha) how we can change
and evolve over time. I've been playing with cold
water since 1997--when Scott first introduced it to
me. I remember having similiar problems as
martial_shadow--and how to deal with the extreme
temperatures that sometimes come with winter

Now, I have the opposite problem...sometimes I
get upset because I can't get the water cold

Recently, I was in Central America and was doing
my normal, daily routine of dousing and Zdorovye
(I've always combined the two--with great
results---Zdorovye first--with the hot water) and had
a problem because the water temperature wasn't
cold enough at the end of my routine. The water
went from room temperature to "pleasantly fresh",
ha, ha, ha. (Hot water is a luxury in many parts of
the world; But, I digress.)

I say take advantage of the extreme temperatures
while you can. On another note, I'm not sure about
any recent developments in protocol, but I
recommend more than 3-5 seconds...I'm not sure
if that is adequate time for immersion. I
recommend complete immersion. Turn slowly
and let the water hit every part of your body. Relax
and enjoy it.

Sorry for the long post, but I don't get to make it
here that often anymore and I wanted to share
some of my experience so it may be of benefit to

B well,


Is this off one on Scott's tapes? I have never read about anything like this and would like to learn more.

Does it work if you already have the flu and fever? I'm hesitant to freeze myself...I'm already unsteady on my feet...

I've been doing this at the end of hot showers, it's great. I usually shower at night, and find that I sleep better and don't need warm pajamas.

My recommendations for doing this in a shower:

1> Relax. I mean REALLY relax. Try to breathe the same as if you were under warm water.

2> Keep the water running down your body. No need to freeze your legs and feet any extra...

3> When you get an ice-cream headache on the OUTSIDE of your head, you've been under long enough and can stop if you want. ~:)