Cold/ wet weather,need gear advice

I am leaving for 3 weeks of training on Sunday. We were told it is going to be very cold and very wet. Being from Phoenix, I have only been issued summer gear and very limited cold weather items.
I need to purchase the following:
Gloves, boots and anything else that would be a comfort. I picked up some Gor-tex tops and bottoms, I have my field jacket and liner, poly's and such. All i have are the std mesh summer boots and work gloves.
Any ideas or suggestions form the experienced folk?

SealSkinz are good gloves, but prone to snags. There are a lot of good gloves on the market. Check out (pretty sure that's the site). As for the feet, stay away from natural fibers. I say "cotton kills". Thick synthetic socks are the best. Danner makes the best boots IMO. Expensive, but worth every penny. I'm a big fan of UnderArmor tops and bottoms. Light enough so sweat isn't a concern, but insulating enough to keep the wet chill off. I'm sure others will have some good advice.


Whatever you do, layering is the key for the cold. UnderArmour as the first layer, then poly-pro(light or heavy), then the Goretex. BDUs weren't meant to be worn with that system, contrary to what alot of soldiers may say. Cotton anything absorbs moisture, doesn't wick it away from the skin like UnderArmour or poly-pro. I agree with PimpSmack on the Danners for the feet. I take care of mine because they take care of me. The new cruit' boots aren't bad for intermediate cold/wet weather, but my feet sweat if I go inside with them. They are waterproof. I stood in a puddle ankle deep for an hour to "test" them. They held up, feet stayed dry. I wouldn't hump in them though. I like poly-pro sock liners, with thick non-cotton socks in Jungle boots for humpin'. SealSkin socks and gloves for static duty in the cold/wet weather. ... ...
you should be able to find these items on these pages. for the new cruit' boots. Good Luck!

ditto on the underarmour tops/compression shorts--even if damp, its still a lot better than having soaking wet bdus or cotton shirts chafing at your ass and rubbing your nipples raw. the heat gear ones will help keep you warm when its cold (keeps your skin semi-dry and the wind no longer hits your skin) and keeps you cool when its warm--wicks sweat off you. Before I got out, the loosefit or heatgear (with the iba) tops were all I wore.

If you guys will have a staging area to keep some gear, throw a big camo tarp (walmart has em) into your ruck/duffel. Use bungee cords + 550 to make a real nice hooch, much better than just the poncho.

Poncho liners make great blankets, and even on guard duty (unless your chain of command likes screwing with you) just wrap it around your shoulders as you pull guard.

Id also suggest a nice coffee pot and lots of coffee + disposable cups. Even if you have some rank come around crying random things, when you offer em a cup of coffee when its cold and wet then they tend to forget about that sorta thing.


gore tex

they use this stuff to climb the highest mountains in the world.