Cole Miller is a skinny bones..

and a decent fighter. Great flexibility. Good ground. He could add some size on that frame. I expect that we will hear more from him in the UFC. Good effort tonight.

came up from 145 did he not? not sure where he wants to be for the future, but may get in on that wec 145.

cole had a very impressive guard. i've said it in an early thread, cole is good for the sport. he is a warrior and i want to see him down the road.

agreed with all. great fight!

True dat!



Seems like a great guy to boot.

Cole came up from 135lbs.

Impressed for sure.

Sick ground game.

Cole needs two things.

1 gain a few pounds, he walks around at about 157

2 improve his wrestling.

Look for him to do both. When he walks around at 175 and fights at 55, he will own the belt, until then, look for him to wreck havoc in the division



he has a very good guard.