Coleman has a really good shot

But you knew that. Does anyone else think Mark Coleman has an excellent chance at beating Fedor? Coleman is a very good match for Fedor because

A) He can and will take him down

B) On the ground Fedor seems to outwrestle people and beat the hell out of them. I don't think he can out wrestle or overpower Coleman and Coleman has a very vicious ground and pound.

I'm picking Coleman. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel pretty good about it.


anything is possible. probably the most even match that will be in the whole GP.

This is probably outrageous, but the thought did cross my mind. On another thread, it was said that Randleman and Coleman are in the same bracket--which doesn't make sense to me. Did it cross anyone's elses mind that these might be favor type fights (appear to be good matchups but. . .). I have heard rumors that this has gone on in Pride before.

Too bad Fedor has bricks in his hands, and will eventually catch Mark for a nasty beatdown win.

I just want to see if Coleman's cardio is there or not.

Coleman should concentrate 80% on cardio before the 25th.

If Coleman's cardio is there, then I can definitely see him beating Fedor.

But different styles match up different ways Steamfitter

Coleman is good, but what can he do to finish Fedor or avoid his onslaught for the whole fight to win a decision?

If Coleman can get the take down and maintain, he might have a very good chance.

No chance.

steamfitter you don't see the matchups--coleman was playing right into mino's A game--his guard--with real real crappy ground and pound--fedor's guard is no where NEAR mino's--if he can get it there he may have a chance at a decision

I think it's called lay and pray. Fedor will knock him
sensless, Coleman got battered by strikers in the old
days when no one was good at ground work. Fedor is a
2004 fighter, and as was said before, has bricks in
his hands.

I think Coleman will get Fedor down early in the first round when he has all of his power and energy. In my opinion he has to be prepared to take Fedor out within that first round, because I believe that the longer the fight goes the more it will favor Fedor's more well rounded skills, and he will catch Coleman in the second and third round. If Coleman ends up on his back he is in serious trouble, because if he decides to go back to his base, on his knees, and get back to standing Fedor will unleash with the knees, soccer kicks, head stomps and viscous punches. One thing that I have noticed about Fedor is that he has slick and freaky balance when it comes to defending take downs and escaping from them, if he can escape early and leave Coleman on all fours he could open up and end it early. Also Fedor is a lot better striker standing and will use this to stun Coleman and set up his shot. I am going for Fedor in this one.

Coleman from 1996 would have a hard time against Fedor. And it's 2004.

I think Fedor will dismantle Coleman, it will show the evolution of MMA.

ttt for the Hammer

IF Coleman can take Fedor down, he might have a chance. But that is a big IF.

Has Fedor ever faught a really good wrestler and thus be forced to fight a lot from his back?