Coleman vs. Couture.

Are you be into this fight at this point in time?


Hell yeah I'm into this fight!!!

But, I also thought Couture vs Vera was a great fight. I thought it was amazing, Couture at 46 years old, was able to take Vera's hardest kick and recover from it, and also control Vera throughout the entire fight! I am always interested in Couture fighting, especially against another legend like Coleman!

 I like this.

Of course, it may not be a title fight, or relevant but it's still a fun fight.

Coleman will be shooting doubles and Randy will look to use the fence and clinch. I dont know how the top end of each philosophy matches up, but I will say this:

I dont believe that Randy could get an in shape Coleman to clinch for more than a few seconds and I dont see Coleman having success in many shots. I see this fight as being a battle of wills and Randy usually has better conditioning. However, I think Coleman is one of those guys that could finish Randy on the ground and not many of those guys exist.

i bet couture slept with coleman's wife already

HexRei - i bet couture slept with coleman's wife already



I'm down!

Wohoo, I've been waiting for this one! I think Randy will take this in the later rounds due to superior conditoning.