Coleman will gas

I don't see any way that Coleman can beat Fedor. I think he'll come out strong and pound on him for the first few and then run out of steam and Fedor will really, really punish him when he does. I think Kevin has a better chance against Cro-Cop than Mark has against Fedor. Kevin can take and hold someone down the whole fight, Mark has never had that kind of cardio. Love both match ups tho, I'd like to see Mark prove me wrong.

He usually does.

Although, he has been able to pace himself far better lately then he did back in the day.... so......

how do u know he will gas, for all we know he could be in perfect shape, did u talk to coleman how do u know he will gas.

C'mon. That's unfair. NoPlacebo is basing his opinion on a well established trend. Mark gasses in most of his fights that don't end in under five minutes.

I like Mark, he used to be one of my favorite fighters. I think he'll come out real strong and probably do some damage from the top. However, Fedor will make him work, and I predict that Mark will run out of steam and be gasping for air standing up with his hands down just like against Williams and Smith. Fedor will seriously hurt him if this happens.

I don't see Coleman finishing Fedor early, so I also think he will gas.

Very true. That being said, we really don't know what Fedor will be like on his back.

On thing's for sure: Randleman and Coleman will have the stand-up rule working against them big time.