Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd has been talking quite positive about MMA recently. I think we should all email his show at to let him know about UFC 70 this weekend. Maybe he will hype the event up a little, which could bring in new viewers.


Colin Cowherd is a huge douchebag. A huge, stupid douchebag.

Tomato Can: even if you think he is a douchebag, he is a douchebag who supports MMA.

Didn't he trash MMA with the whole "it's just a barroom brawl, no skill, etc" argument like a year ago?

Who cares what he said in the past. He is supporting it now on a national sports radio show!

Sheesh, you can tell the UG has a fighting mentality. They fight to get recognized and then when they do, they want to fight about how we used to NOT get recognized. Which is it, UG?