Collapsing ads

I’ve (reluctantly) gotten used to the new app, but the ads are fucking huge (fuck you I’m not buying a blue name) and they collapse based on where you are on the thread, making some portions nearly impossible to read.

New forum. New problems. I still think it’s way worse than the old app and someone seriously fucked the dog when they built it.


Can you give me a screenshot of said ad?

I used ad blocking stuff for my phone before I went pro. It worked.

It’s not the ad itself, but the ad space. The ad starts at the top, but as you scroll down it migrates down closer to where you are on the thread, which causes a screen sized block of text moves up. Then when you try and scroll up to read that text, it reverses the action and moves it down off of the screen.

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This is from this exact page. It seems the majority of my app issues are from these ads as well.

That ad is ridiculous.

¡Pinche gigante!


If I were blue before the move and I haven’t reached out since the move to get that transferred, would that help me not see these giant ads or does everyone get them?

It’s almost as bad as FoxNews’ mobile site.

How do you get rid of them? This makes reading threads a hell of a lot less appealing. Posting from Android mobile

As a blue, you shouldn’t see the ads. Try to get that fixed. It definitely helps.

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The ads resize and so it constantly messes up what’s displayed on the screen. Cannot read a thread properly

This. It makes the thread position jump up and down.

For those using an android device, this is absolutely fucking essential for this and many other sites.

You’re welcome.

Get a NetGear R7800 router. Install CFW from Voxel. Run Adguard Home on router.

Ads in android apps go bye-bye.

I just switched to using the Brave browser instead of the Discourse app. Looks exactly the same ---- no ads!

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A fellow OGer told me about this browser. Are you using it on your phone?