collar choking ur rash guard or te

I was wondering if it is bad form to collar choke ur opponents rash guard or even there t-shirt???

I was also wondering if u find it bad form to grab the heck out of someones t-shirt to the point of it ripping???

I just find it really f'en annoying when u are doing no gi grappling and u have some idiot pretending that ur t-shirt or rash guard is a gi. And after ur done training u have to buy a new rash guard because 1) ur fricken collar on ur rash guard or t-shirt looks like the t-shirt in flash dance or 2) ur t-shirt or rash guard has a big rip in it and it is no longer wearable And that is more god dam money to spend..

Ever encounter this problem.. What do u say???

In no-gi one should collar choke by grabing the cup or athletic supporter.

Why not just ask them not to?

"Why not just ask them not to?"

"this guys excuse is in a real fight, you can grab what ever".....

man this is annoying when i find someone grabbing onto my shit. because this is not a real fight its training.

In no-gi, I would tell them to stop grabbing my shirt. That's retarded.

Also many guys in the street will not collar choke you with a hanes t-shirt...they may pull on it all girly, but there will be no techniques as far as I have seen.

Not cool.

It is in fact, bad form.

"this guys excuse is in a real fight, you can grab what ever"....."

My counter to that excuse would be: "ok, then be ready for me to punch you in the face from mount cause thats what I'D do in a real fight!"

like shorts... I don't care if u grab onto them but ur t-shirt man is just bad frickne form...

"this guys excuse is in a real fight, you can grab what ever"

start punching him in the balls then, real fight and all

Grabbing the shorts as bad form as well.

In no gi I collar choke with excess neck skin

No-Gi = not grabbing clothes at all. That's what the gi is made for and made to withstand. Rashguards and grappling shorts are not made to withstand grabbing and tearing and they cost too much to have some no-gi challenged zealot ripping them to shreds...

"no-gi challenged zealot"

gentlemen, i believe a new phrase has been coined!

ive had this problem before, the guy said "ina reel fite i could do it.."

after many days of having my tee shirt collar big enough to jum through i came up wit a solution. 

while in his guard he attempted a 'collar choke'  so i grabbed his shirt by the collar and ripped the holy shite outta it. 

put a stop to that dumb bs.


Dont grab shorts when Cam is reffing....he gets a little upset....LOL

shocking form. Your not in gi's.

I say wear a long sleeve rashguard and sleeve choke the hell out of the
douche who does tries that.

Take your clothes off and see if he wants to grapple then. This ultimatum should stop him from grabbing your shirt.