College Football 2020-2021 Thread

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

On the legislation, I think there is too much going on in the world right now. I don’t even think it will come up this time.

Appreciate it fellas. I absolutely see it as a positive when/if you guys get in I’m just not sure how it works in those years in the lead up. For 3 or 4 years your going to have to sell “well we’re going to the sec just not when you’ll be here for the most part” that kind of deal. It’s interesting and I think it will hurt tu bad for a period. Sark already sucks at the recruiting part it seems.

In regards to Okie St… I’ll bet they fight tooth and nail. So will Baylor. You may be correct that it’ll be a nonissue but I’m not so sure. There’s going to be a ton of bad blood.

Not sure what to make of it, but….the Big 12 meeting happening today to talk about the whole UT-OU thing? Well,

Oklahoma and Texas officials are not currently on the Big 12 call w/league ADs & CEO’s, sources told @Stadium. Perhaps another sign, OU & Texas have decided to leave for SEC

-tweeted by Brett McMurphy a few minutes ago (College Football Insider reporter)

I’m sure it means nothing.

Oh they’re leaving the big whatever you call it that’s for sure.

Big10 has 14 teams…Big 12 has 10…

I thought these were conferences for institutes of higher learning?

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lol…gotta watch it with the CC’s turned on.

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Now that was pretty damn funny

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Now I gotta rewatch it!

My god :rofl:

The buzzer ones were ON POINT

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Please follow the signs to pick up your blowout loss to Alabama.

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[Former Texas A&M official: Texas, Oklahoma joining SEC would break 'gentlemen's agreement' among league schools]
Poor Aggy isn’t happy

Jimbo and the players will be happy to whip yalls ass but yes we were lied to. How all of it plays out is yet to be determined. I’m ready either way.

Let me ask you this… Why is it that any team that’s ever done business with tu wants absolutely nothing to do with them? It’s amazing how the crazy bitch in the room keeps duping everyone.

And thank you for posting that. If it’s from Loften (former A&M president) it gives plenty of details I’m sure about why you don’t want to get in bed with said crazy bitch. Fuck her/one and one but don’t marry her/let her join.

Here’s just a few things to ponder about “your teams” leadership throughout the years

“They left,” Dodds said of A&M, which left the Big 12 and joined the SEC in 2012. "They’re the ones that decided not to play us. We get to decide when we play again. I think that’s fair.

“If you did a survey of our fans about playing A&M, they don’t want to. It’s overwhelming. I know. I hear it. Our fans are important to us. I think there’s got to be a period where things get different. I think there’s too many hard feelings.”

And yet if you watch the texass liberal cocksucking media they’ll have you believe it was A&M that didn’t want to play. We did. You clowns got pissed we finally took care of us and left (here’s looking at you OU) and backed out. It’s pitiful and now you just want to follow us. Little brother fits you clowns to a T.

I already posted as much. Lawsuits will be filed I guarantee it. Not nearly as many as the sip lawyers would file but whatever.

Look forward to stomping you girls. Different times. This will be way more like the early RC days than the Mack days. I’m giddy!

I don’t believe that for a second.