College Football 2022-2023 Thread

First things first. Congrats to UGA for winning the Natty this past season.

College Football Bulldogs GIF by University of Georgia

But it’s a new year now. And Tuck comin’!



My biggest story lines for this season that I’ll be paying attention to:

Mel tucker at MSU got the big pay day he was looking for and deserved too. Now it’s time to see in year 3, really year 2 cause Covid year doesn’t count, what can he do. Will he beat Michigan again? Will he be able to be competitive against tOSU? How will the team fill the void that is Kenneth Walker?

Speaking of tOSU, how will they bounce back from their first loss against Michigan in 7 years? That’s a bad taste in their mouth. They’ll be angry all year long and motivated

Speaking of Michigan. Jim harbaugh tried like Hell to leave for the NFL. And he was embarrassed to get ZERO offers. Had to fly back to Ann Arbor from Minnesota after thinking he was a lock for the job. And Michigan lost both their coordinators. How will they bounce back? Does Harbaugh have respect and trust from the team?

LSU and USC now have new head coaches. Both of which seem like miss fits if you ask me. Specially Brian Kelly’s goofy ass. How will they both do this season??

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I for one, was relieved about this. 4 teams is perfect. It puts he’s y premium on the regular season and doesn’t delude the playoff product

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You left out the fighting Texas Aggies. They will be knocking on the door of the promise land again.

I predict they will beat Alabama (again)


B O O M E R ! ! !

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That was such an awesome game



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In A Box Reaction GIF


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lol…as I get older I notice I’m doing this as well.

Look at something I typed and think, “That’s not a typo, that’s just the wrong damn word.”


The real question is will they finish 8-4 (again)


What’s even worse I had to sit there for like 2 minutes wondering what fucking word I even meant to say

Good start to this thread


@chilz @428_Cobra_Jet


Cool! Lets get it.

Dawgs go 12-0 regular season. Beat Bama in SECCG then lose the CG.

texas am gonna get em.

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Anyone watching the combine? Receivers killing the 40 this year. Olave busted out. 4.26.


Lol…Thornton from Baylor hit 4.21….unofficial right now, but would be fastest ever

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Are Texas and OK in the SEC next season?

couple more years in the big 12