College Football 2022-2023 Thread

My bad . Didn’t realize that

She’s the cunt that opened my eyes lol



Syracuse escapes with another win.

Michael Smith

Stephan A Smith

Holy shit I just worked myself into a shoot. I’m triggered as fuck


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I’m down. I’m in a wedding tomorrow evening (I know—who plans a wedding during football season?) so I won’t get to watch the first half. If I’m not posting much just know that I haven’t dick tucked. It’ll just be a busy day tomorrow.


Fuckin A

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Anybody watching the Auburn Mizzou game? My first time listening to RG3 in the booth and dude is legit. I see great things in his future.

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He’s hilarious

“Everybody wants him to cook but I think he’s still looking for the ingredients”



They’ve ready turned his “Big Penix Energy,” line into a t-shirt.

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Syracuse will be 6-0 going into Clemson after beating Wagner and NC State at home.

Yes. That will be the case.

he has been in the booth for awhile now . definitely good

The defense certainly isn’t what it was a year ago in Michigan.

Maryland with no problem moving the ball.

They lost two fantastic D Linemen to the draft

What up fuckheads…what are the games to watch today…rooting for a Maryland upset


Good man

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