College Football 2022-2023 Thread

I’m going to have to do some research, then release my preseason 2022 Texas-Only rankings.

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Now that Arch Manning is going to Texas. Is Texas back?



They never left. It’s all one long con to get Arch


Then give me a charity to give it to

Give it to PJ’s next go fund me

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I’d rather welch lol


It’s not a welch. I didn’t think you were serious because of the amount

Plus, I cheated. I had insider info


So the A&M 247 board is now concerned Texas is going to outspend them. :joy: A poster is insinuating Arch is getting 13 million over 4 years.



Legit concern. Texas is the only school that could outspend the Aggies.

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Going to be the annual 7-5 Aggies when UT-Austin joins the SEC

Just thought of something with all the nil stuff and money being thrown around….OSU had the biggest single benefactor in NCAA history in T Boone Pickens, and he died in 2019. Wonder how he would have played in all of this. Haven’t heard much since his death, which makes me think not as much is flowing into that school now, but not sure. Having a billionaire willing to spend gaudy amounts of money….that would be helpful, lol.

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Isn’t Warren Buffett a big Nebraska benefactor or is he just a fan?

Either way it won’t save Frost’s job when he puts up 4 wins again this year.

Apparently they’ve been talking big $ to recruits who have visited this cycle.

So is there a countdown yet until Ewers goes back into the portal?


Was it Matrix?

Perhaps after this year, if he fails to produce results.

Manning isn’t on campus until 2023, so he has a year to prove himself as the starter.

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If he does he is going to lose a year of eligibility since he redshirted and transferred once already. Not that I hope it happens but he has a chance to put up some monster numbers this year, I bet if he has a big year Arch winds up somewhere else when all is said and done. I don’t think this story has been fully written yet

In theory. Waivers are granted all the time

I also think we’re asking a lot for Arch to be the man day 1. Almost everyone needs a year or two.

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