College Football Mega Thread 2019-2020

Holy shit why would you throw that?!

lol wow

Holy shit

Miami might have the worst o line I've ever seen


Miami moving in the wrong direction. 

Had the ball on Florida's 25. What the fuck?

Breathtaking how far Miami has their head up their ass.

Enos has a 4th and 34 play. Just watch

Holy shit 9 sacks


Called it

Some extremely dumb plays going on on both sides these last few minutes.

I just.....what an incredible shit show.

Shitty play for sure but fun to watch, unless you're fans of one of these teams.

Yeah. Hell yeah. Screen has been working all night. Why not call it again?

Remember when they were here after that interception? That was a while ago.

Was that Miami's LT who just did that miraculous pancake block lol 

This is the worst football game I've ever seen

Nobody can hold onto the damn ball