College Football Thread::9/08/07

a few good games this wonderful saturday afternoon, maybe another shakeup in next AP poll...

Miami @ Oklahoma - Winner: Oklahoma

Oregon @ Michigan - Michigan

Notre Dame @ Penn St - Notre Dame

TCU @ Texas - TCU





put your money where your mouf is?

ND vs PS how much

bleh, i dont really care about that game, but i'll get at least 3 out of the 4 correct.

$$$? you MIGHT get 2.. OU and UofM

tcu over texas??

ill put 1k

that you wont get 3



i guess your money is nowhere to be found



DJF dicktucked and ran

lol, na, im not a runner, $$ on what game?

i said 1k on you making 3/4. i say you wont

lol, that's a ridiculous amount for a week 2 bet, well at least for me, if it was a bcs game i would understand, however i dont have any $$ to gamble with at the moment, just throwing my picks out there, but i do have confidence in my selections.

WOW @ Michigan, just wow, hopefully a different Mich team comes out in the second half....

forgot to mention another big game today, LSU over Virginia Tech.