college hoops picks

usually do a money pool was wondering what teams yaal like ? I was big on UCLA but they looked like crap last 2 games.Im thinking NOVA ,Gonzaga are the teams to beat ,Others Kentucky may be coming around ? NC looked terrible yesterday not too big on them.Kansas not too big on but are a number 1 most likely.Arizona looked pretty good beating UCLA.Duke is coming around.Oregon looks good.Few sleepers Iowa State,Cinncinatti,Kansas State,Notre Dame ? go

Give Villanova best chances, talent and experience. Kentucky fan, but not likely they can sustain through the tournament. Monk's been real streaky.

Zaga to win it. Michigan goes to elite 8

West Virginia 

Interesting year. No super teams. Not buyin the Zags and their 32-1 record, after losing to BYU. Was hoping UCLA but they've looked liked shit recently. Really hard to pick this year. Kansas lost to a nobody.

my UofL Cardinals are going to finally wake up and hit some freethrows