College Station Cage Fighting

EliteLegacy and Pitbull Productions present the "Lonestar Beatdown". Aggies vs. Longhorns in College Station\'s first professional mixed martial arts event, Saturday November 18th. Which school is REALLY the toughest? If you want to fight for the pride of your alma mater email

Are these going to be trained fighters or just people pulled out of the crowd?

Trained fighters, professional card. Texas no longer allows toughman or anything resembling it


Some good fights happening saturday night at the convention center in Austin

I go to school at A&M, this sounds interesting


I think something is up with the e-mail address, its not working for me


IrishMuayThai would fly the flag for A&M imo

I just tested the email address and it worked, so give it another shot.

We figure there are enough Ags and Longhorns that train and fight that we can put a fightcard together that is as good as any.

2:15 in my 300c, LOL!

...but yeah, 3 hours.

Going to be there this weekend for the XFC cornering Brandon McDowell.





As long as no one from either school tries to build something or castrate a cow this could be alright...