Can't believe I got a "B" in a class for writing a final paper about GTA IV. Sometimes life is awesome.

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Good work. Phone Post

Death and Taxes -  I got an "A" on a paper I wrote about "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" 

Good times. 

That's awesome! No wonder people work so long for PhD's; you can make a career out of stuff like that and never leave.

I got an a for giving my spiel about getting a DUI when I was 17 in speech 101 when I was a freshman. Phone Post

I did a games development course, dropped out late second year, and still passed!

God <3 Gamers!

nbd - see, that dui was a blessing!

pcg - funny, cuz the final paper i started this thread about was for a computer gaming classs, i agree.

I covered Blade Runner in a writing class, Star Trek Next Gen in a production class, & Cinema Paradiso in an audio class.

To be fair, student instructors want to not be bored, too.