Collegiate Grappling Clubs

I started a small club at the University of Rhode Island a little while back, and I'm looking for some tips from anyone else out there who has been a part of college grappling clubs.  Do any schools travel and compete against other schools (and how can I find them)?  What's the best way to advertise to the college crowd?  I've seen Army and Ithaca at NAGA tourneys, and I'll try to send my guys if we can gain enough support and maybe a little funding, but in the meantime any info/advice/warnings would be helpful. 

Ayy, less than a dozen posts and already I suck at it.  Please move to grappling ground.

university of central florida has an mma and jiujitsu club

You can try to advertise in the school newspaper. Put flyers up in the rec centers and gyms on campus....that should get you something to start with.

you should contact Sam Hoger. He created a BJJ club at LSU many years ago that was pretty successful

Yo, Dan, I teach the Brandeis BJJ/grappling club. Try to get converts from other martial arts clubs (TKD, Karate, etc.) and get them together now and then to watch UFC or something. If you ever want to bring them up to Brandeis, feel free.

Also, I know Dave Ginsberg teaches the BU club, so you can ask him for help, too.

Wow, I had no idea BU had Ginsberg....lucky bastards.  Sounds like pushing the UFC/MMA promotion is the way to go, so I guess it won't hurt to preach a little "cage fighting" for advertising purposes.  I should try setting up a booth like Scoop suggested, and maybe coax Lauzon to do an autograph signing by telling him Bill Gates will be in town (or whoever geeks like him worship).  I've got connections through the wrestling club, but for some odd reason I can't seem to get many converts.  Maybe I'll do some University McDojo clubbing and see if I can grab a few new heads.  Thanks guys. 



one last ttt for any other info?