Cologne or fragrance that got you laid most?

In for research. I'm not a fragrance guy. I surf and my superstition is large Dolphins would be able to smell me a mile away if I used fragrances. I'm interested to know what the manly men of the OG use to draw women closer.

Watermelon gum, I kid u not , got so many comments on how my breath smelled one of many dating hacks I have Phone Post 3.0

Axe, the commercials don't lie.

Just take cash and rub it all over. Phone Post 3.0

Drakkar and its not close. Distant 2nd to aqua di gio

joesonshuevos - Drakkar and its not close. Distant 2nd to aqua di gio

40+, balding, and on ED meds.

You've heard of Designer Imposters?

I use the generic brand, Fake Interior Decorators.

When I was in high school it was some Swiss Army shit of all things.  Haven't bothered since.

I got a lot of pussy wearing Armani Code, but that was also college years and Im a good looking dude so im not sure how much the armani had to do with it

FABombDropper - Masculinity. Young people have probably never heard of it. Phone Post 3.0
This...with a dash of "old spice" deodorant....I have expensive fragrances that have gotten me attention.....but the regular combo is what has worked the most. Phone Post 3.0

Cocaine Phone Post 3.0

Drakkar noir ..... Oh high school was so much fun! Phone Post 3.0

Cookie Monster - Cocaine Phone Post 3.0
This and it's not even close Phone Post 3.0

hmb - 
joesonshuevos - Drakkar and its not close. Distant 2nd to aqua di gio

40+, balding, and on ED meds.

Lol. Considering I have a 16 year old daughter with the lady I live with, I haven't had new trim in a long time. But while I am not 40 and my hair is still luxurious, drakkar got me trim back when it mattered. Now, I go with issey intense and eternity summer. Today, I smell like grass, sweat and dirt after weed whacking the yards.

The smell of my balls Phone Post 3.0

IMO, no scent will ever get you laid. Things that will get you laid are; personality, looks, money, roofies, humor, alcohol, cocaine, and I am sure there are more. My point is, if a chick is gonna fuck you, I highly doubt what cologne your wearing is really gonna make it happen. It could tip the scales I guess, but never seal the deal on its own. Phone Post 3.0

Joop ! All night long ! Phone Post 3.0

Coolwater always gets me a "you smell so good comment" from the ladies Phone Post 3.0

Sex Panther...

50% of the time... It works all the time.. Phone Post 3.0

There is no cologne that will get you laid but there are plenty that women will think you smell awesome and want to do the humpies if you got everything else together...

That being said I have a collection of close to 100 fragrances my top in women compliments are

Creed Green Irish Tweed
Abercrombie Fierce
Versace Pour Homme
Creed Aventus
Chanel Platinum Egoiste
Allure Homme Sport
Creed Milliseme Imperial

If on a budget

Nautica Voyage
Cool Water
CK Escape