Colombian Cop and Rebel pose nude together (PICS)

Fox News reported on a symbolic gesture of peace in Colombia, whose government is currently in the middle of a peace negotiation process with their country's biggest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The peace talks between the government and the rebel group have been ongoing for three years, and now, with major breakthroughs on the way, a Colombian officer and a former guerilla decided to give peace a chance by modeling nude for a magazine.

Isabel Londono, of Colombia'a National Intelligence Agency (DAS), graced the cover of men's magazine Soho, donning only a skimpy black bra and panties. Snuggling against her, fully nude, is Ana Pacheco, an ex-FARC guerilla.

Pacheco said of her decision to do the shoot, "It's been very important to pose for these Soho photos, because we're at peace, and what could be more beautiful that it's two women from the opposing sides who are posing."


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