Colorado Hospital Is Willing To Kill Its Transplant Patients Who Are Not Vaccinated

I got into a pretty good argument w a x
Coworker last week. They started ranting about the vaccine. Our hospital is firing people next week. I’m very much anti-mandate.

I did hear a rather loud x-ray tech say “we shouldn’t treat the covid people if they are unvaccinated.”. I was very happy to say aloud, “sure, what’s next? Let’s not treat those fucking drunks or diabetics either! They made their choice! What the fuck is wrong with you, and great way to state exactly how you will lose your license.” Crickets.

Serious, people should reallllly shut the fuck up right now. A lot of people are doing things that aren’t necessarily covered by their license. Anyone medical- shut up and work the patient. Or quit. Help save patients or don’t. Just shut the fuck up about vaccines and get to work.


Like it or not, this is what these people signed up for.

It’s like joining the army in peacetime and then wanting out when a war breaks out.

We are fully aware that these people didn’t join during wartime but sometimes shit happens. This is the job that you chose.


No… they didn’t sign up for this.


For the majority of folks, they did.


They didn’t s sign up to take care of sick people?? Lol ok did they sign up to sit around and film titok dances?


Screen name checks out


They didn’t sign up to take experimental vaccines to keep their jobs, just as first responders, teachers, etc did not.


Now I am confused. Are you arguing that nurses and shit didnt sign up to take care of sick people during a pandemic or they didnt sign up to take a vaccine? Genuinely curious.

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They didnt but some of them took the oath. I know that dont mean shit to people now a days but at one point in our history it did. If your job is to treat sick people then you should do what ever is necessary to give them care. If your against vaccine mandates (I dont blame you) then you are always free to go pursue a career in a different field.

Same goes for teachers. Your job is to teach kids and unfortunately doing that virtual or from a distance is doing them no service. Again you chose that career and now that career is mandating that you get a vaccine so that it lessens the chances of a kid or multiple kids getting sick. Dont like it go find another career.

You can say its fear mongering or shadow society bent on world domination. It doesnt matter. There are plenty of businesses hiring people right now. It’s the perfect time for a career change if your against vaccine mandates.

how retarded have the right become where they no longer want to have basic health criteria for fucking organ transplants in the name of their latest and gayest culture war.

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You’re assuming they’re right wingers?

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first of all, of course. i recognize that you don’t have a monopoly on idiocy but this brand of stupid smells like you from a mile away.

second of all, i am referring to the dopes in this thread feigning offense that someone who won’t meet the medical necessity for a transplant is not receiving said transplant.

Says the guy who supports the ‘free, free, free’ mantra.

i’d love to kilkl all the transplants in san diego, if u know what i mean


Everyone knows how I stand on vaccinations, but on this I agree with the hospitals(I am eligible for a liver transplant after NOV). Here is why. Anyone that receives an organ transplant will be on a shit ton of immunosuppressing drugs. If someone was to catch COVID while on these drugs after an organ transplant while not vaccinated would surely succumb to the virus and pretty much waste an organ.

Thats just my 2 cents…

Quick edit, I think this should just be for transplants only, any hospital or doctor saying they wont treat normal patients just because they arent vaccinated should be brought up on charges and have their licenses revoked.


in your sad world of make believe, do you think there are no medical requirements for transplants in countries with socialized healthcare? do you think they have some magical, government provided supply of kidneys?

it’s even too retarded for this guy!

Who’s to say they won’t succumb WITH the v@ccine, since it apparently doesn’t do much of anything it was supposedly designed for anyway?


Lol leftturds were all about saving just one life, now they’ve turned cold blooded while still hiding their faces when out in public.