Colorado Hospital Is Willing To Kill Its Transplant Patients Who Are Not Vaccinated

This is correct.

There are a ton of other measures that can disqualify someone from an organ transplant. Smoking, lack of compliance with care, psychiatric disease, unresolved addictive personality.

These organs are in very limited numbers. They must go to the best candidates.

Do you know if these people had any of those boxes checked or is it just vaccine or nothing for you guys?

you recognize that there are more people needing a kidney than there are available kidneys, right?

they aren’t going to toss this one in the trash because this moron doesn’t want it.

does that help your understanding?

Can’t they just test them to see if they have covid ? It’s not like they are planning on living at the hospital. Lol

Depends on the hospital.

Some criteria are all or none. Others use a cumulative score.

it sounds like you have really thought this through. have you considered skipping the schooling and just asking if you can take the doctor test?

Gotta protect the protected huh? Bunch of faggots

You thought this was clever but just came out retarded

This is about who we prioritize on a transplant list.

Until we have enough organs for everyone, only those that have the best score should receive one.

Doctors who withhold treatment for ANY reason should lose their license.

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its kind of my thing

So someone donating a a healthy organ is being turned away even tho virushoax said there’s a kidney shortage? That makes sense.

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Organ transplants are blasphemy. Who are you to go against the will of god?

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Sound logic and practice.

didn’t read the story.

my bad!

I disagree with their exclusion of unvaccinated living donors.

I do agree with the exclusion of unvaccinated recipients

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I wasn’t talking about transplants. My comment was geared more at your first paragraph.

People who need transplants would fall into the at-risk group for covid, yeah?

Won’t these transplant patients who are likely on a lot of meds not get a good immune response to a covid shot as people who aren’t on those meds? So waiting would be their best option, right?

They would be massively at risk AFTER the transplant, especially the first 3 months.

They get all kinds of bad medications: corticosteroids, immunosupressants.

Even benign things like herpes, varicella, BK, CMV are really dangerous just after transplant

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