Colorado Hospital Is Willing To Kill Its Transplant Patients Who Are Not Vaccinated

That’s why they need to get vaccinated before the transplant

If they need a transplant wouldn’t they already be taking meds?

Immune system is way stronger before vs after the transplant.

The meds that really fuck up the immune system are given after (same day)

Well then I will make sure will states that my organs only go to the unvaccinated, the vaccinated can fuck off.

What I’ve looked over is that before this flu shots weren’t recommended to get a kidney transplant. And to donate a kidney a flu shot wasn’t required.

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Again, it depends on local practices. Most centres require full vaccination prior to transplantation

It looked like here they didn’t need the shot and a month later they changed their policy. Sounds like bs

That’s what I figured. Perfectly reasonable then to want them vaxed against as much as humanly possible, given the demand for organs.

Personally, I don’t understand why they require donors to be vaccinated. Bad policy


That’s not the case here. A friend is donating but now can’t. She wasn’t taking someone else’s position.

But now if the patient gets vaccinated she will be taking a possible organ from someone else. Lose lose situation

Was talking about recipients, not donors.

Insane they would require donors to be vaccinated given demand. Obviously demand isn’t uniform across organs but it really annoys me… I had a close family member who waited 6 years on a transplant list and died before they could get a transplant. So just annoys me they would do something to just increase that time because of fucking politics.

I think it’s just living donors, so wouldn’t affect those awaiting cadaveric transplant.

Still a stupid policy

Are living donors required to have any other vaccines?

Depends where. Everyone has different protocols.

The best strategy IMO is to do whatever is necessary to favor living donation:
-Make sure they don’t get penalized at work if they take off
-Prioritize their exams (so that they don’t have to go to the hospital every 2 days)

The doc can speak more on this then me. Is it logical or BS?

The health and safety of our patients is our top priority. Cleveland Clinic has recently developed safety protocols for solid organ transplantation that require COVID-19 vaccination to be an active transplant candidate or living donor. Vaccination is particularly important in these patients for their safety. Living donation for organ transplantation has been a life-saving treatment, but it is not without risks to the donor. For the living donor, reducing the risk of a COVID-19 infection around the time of their surgery and recovery is crucial. We continually strive to minimize risk to our living donors, and vaccination is an important component to ensure the safest approach and optimal outcomes for donors.