Colt's weight gain?

Man the guy gained 30lbs in a few months.. What Juice is he on, but it didn't look like all muscle thats for sure. But he looks totally different structure wise..

i think its all the weight training and weight gaining pills he taking.

"weight gaining pills he taking."

*magic pills? lol

lol dunno if its called "magic pills" but there's a pill that actually make you gain weight faster

Yeah there called "dball"!! lol

I heard he's just been eating dirty.  Lots of junk food to put on all that weight.  Kind of funny lol.

His stomach looked HUGE in the advertiser.

 McD's for sure! IMO

hes not as cut as he was, but hes still a undersized qb, he should left last draft and made millions chilling out. iono if hes even getting drafted this year with his surgery and all. goodluck

Its called the offseason. He's not practicing everyday and playing games on Saturdays anymore. Plus I'm sure he's hitting the weight room hard to be able to compete with those huge mofo's in the NFL.

McD's doesn't hurt either.

Timing of his hip surgery couldn't have been worse. He looked to be in good spirits on Rome is burning today.