Columbia MO - martial arts scene?

I just landed in Columbia, Missouri.
What's the MMA scene here? Any good clubs for MMA? BJJ? MT? Judo?

Any good gyms to work out in?


There is a guy there that puts on fights but i cant remember his name... Jeff something. If you go to the field house they will be able to tell you who he is. He has a gym right behind there.. I fought there and i cant remember the damn guys name...shit..


Field house -- is that a univeristy-type building?

sorry.... field house night club...*damn whats that guys name*

Jeff Powell


I used to train in Columbia, MO at Jeff Powell's Vale Tudo (behind the Field House on Broadway)!! He put on sub grappling and MMA fights, and was a GREAT instructor, GREAT guy, etc., etc. Many people here can vouch for that.

I moved to Fla. last summer after graduation, so I haven't been around in a long while . . . However --

Last I heard the guys moved facilities so look in your yellow pages. I believe Travis runs it now, and he is freaking incredible as well. Like I said, look in the phone book. There is kickboxing gym and a combat jui-jitsu place, too. Everybody knows each other, so just ask one of them and they should point you in a direction.

Good luck. I have some phone numbers, so if this stays up, I'll give em to you.

Jeff Powell!!! Yea thats it. Pretty good guy. Treated us pretty good.

A couple of years ago I visited a place sort of above Gunther's Games -- a guy named Zenny Mills was doing KB lessons there. Any similarity between the place you describe, or is this a completely different thing?

Useful stuff guys -- I'm not sure where the Field House is, but I'll definitely find out.

DSwilly, whats up man? This is Kris, trained at
Powells and was friends with the Christian and
Megan. Where did you move to? I moved to KC
but spent a couple of years in Columbia, first
garage training cuz I didn't know there was a
school in columbia but I started going to MU judo
class a little and heard about Jeff Powell, good
place to train so go there.

Jeff moved back to Albuquerque to train at
Jacksons and Travis Day runs classes now and
they got quite a few fighters.

Search the schools section of this website for
Missouri and you'll find Travis' email address, I
miss that place it was fun to train and party there.
I'd love to visit again and watch some fights.