Columbus Ohio BJJ

Greatings Folks;
I know I've posted this before but we've got to gety the word out. One of the best BJJ clubs in country is a well kept secret. The Instructor (Jeff Hudson) is one of 5 black belts under Relson Gracie. We have two Brown Belt instructors as well as quite a few very good purple belts. We have alot of blues and whites as well. Lot's of practice times and the instruction and opportunity to roll is top notch. Check it out at:

see you there




Hi, Ommata. Question for you.

What constitutes "one of the best bjj clubs in the countrty." yet keeps you a well kept secret?

Do you do well at competitions? are the instuctors respected as "extremely technical" etc. among other bb bjjers?

Not trying to bust your chops, but your verbage strikes me as a little confusing (being "great" but unheard of in an art that stresses competition)

Thanks. Congrats.

-Bill Easlick (orig from OH ;-) )

The art doesnt always stress competition. Self defense and a highly technical/non-competitive (and safe) training environment is also pertinent to making a club "great."

Many people do BJJ for different reasons. Most people have no ambition in becoming a mundial champ.

He is not lying. Robin (brown belt) won the invitational at the arnolds' and is just sick on the mats, Todd (purple belt) medaled in a couple catagories as well as a few other guys I don't know. If your around the columbus area, I would definately recommend them.