combat coalition's attitude change

What's the website addy.

If you want to read the remarks about Matt and SBG, go to Sammy's forum and click on page number 6. Go to the bottom and click on SBG.

I think he does this to simply draw hits on his site.

I haven't seen any worship of Hock. I think he falls into the class with Hartsell and Inosanto.

Now certain other groups that I used to deal with.... now they have a serious cult mentality happening with some members.

I've always enjoyed go to Sammy's and Richard's websites and forums, but as of late their attitudes have seemed to change (not to mention the forum members).

They have adopted 'we are the toughest guys in the world attitude', and many of the forum members act like they are not only the toughest, but that Sammy and Richard are God like.

I also read some pretty rude comments towards Matt Thornton and SBG on Sammy's forum.

Anyone else notice this change or is it just me.

Anyone else notice this change.

I haven't cared for that forum since I tried to post something once and they never "approved" it.

Not sure how their fourn is run, but if you Click here you should be able to get to the tread. Only 6 messages.


Those are the relevant websites. Let me say, I've been a student of Rich on and off for many years. I talked with him the same week he sent out emails to Sammy Franco, Marc McYoung, Peyton Quinn and Geoff Thompson. He really thought that if he got a few of the best Realists together, something wonderful would happen. He said they all took different paths but all saw the same view. Unfortunately, it did work out totally as planned. Geoff Thompson dropped due to other commitments, Peyton Quinn dropped as well. Shortly before the first Coalition seminar, Marc McYoung dropped but is still loosely associated with two remaining founders. Rich and Sammy were really on the same wavelength in terms of training.

From what I know of talking with Rich, his problem with SGB (and other groups) is merely the claim of teaching of street defense. A while back when Matt Thornton posted his original interview on his site (before Rich had his forum and had a Q&A section instead) he said "Listen to this man folks, he talks and talk AND walks the walk!". Rich believes that Matt's training his the world's best for NHB- not for the street. That (the last time I spoke with him) is the only problem he has with Matt, he respects Matt as a hard working combat athlete he sees the truth about his sport and takes it seriously. Matt saying he teaches street defense (in Rich's opinon) is similar to saying that muay thai, boxing, wrestling or bjj is street defense. They all have great tools and tactics- but do not simulate the street environment. They do not have mugging simulations, elevator drills, fights on stair cases, knife fighting on the ground, verbal situations, verbal drills from the sitting position, etc. That's what many "street defense" teachers are missing- the simulations from awareness/contact until the sprint post-fight and letting anything that happens (including third parties and friends jump in) happen.


On the link Rich posted-

"I like alot of Matt Thornton's stuff and think he's light years away from the majority of the people out there however I completely disagree with his philosophy that MMA can be use for the street, Sammy's example is but one among many. Thornton, like many, seems to suffer from the ill effects of "If I can't do it, no one else can." Like i've said several times, I don't like people projecting their failures onto others.SincerelyRichard Dimitri"

He respects Matt in his forum of NHB, but that is Matt's arena.



I always heard Matt was more of a rock-a-billy guy like myself.

ttt for The Reverend Horton Heat and for failed attempts at starting b.s. ego spats.


"I saw thornton in black belt magazine, he dyed his hair yellow and dropped some pounds, he now looks like the rapper - em n em"


I'm glad this post ended in a positive manner. Matt Thornton, a guy who's philosophy makes so much sense regarding realism (Aliveness, I love it!). Rich Dimitri, & Sammy Franco, again, great guys who simply have approaches & beliefs that differ slightly from Matt's. But although they differ, it's the shit, it's real and it's the future. I've never heard Matt, Rich, Sammy say their material was better than anyone's, only that it was different. Let me not forget Tony Blauer, who's scientific approach to the mental and physical realism of combat is revolutionary, and Hock Hochheim, who has a great, realistic system that's helped thousands of people all over the world.



Thanks for the compliments regarding the article. Thanks as well for coming on here and clarifying some of these issues.


trouble maker. :)

-Paul "desnudo" Sharp

Hi Matt, Paul,

Thank you guys for the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity, most wouldn't have let me get a word in edgewise. You guys are a class act.


Richard Dimitri


Hi. I guess I'm the one who started this mess. It was never my intention to have a bad light shine on you guys, although I should have known a post like mine would probably go astray. I apologize.

I frequently visit your site as well as Sammy's. I perceived a change in the 'climate' that was inconsistent with the professionalism and 'we are here to help one another' climate that first drew me to you guys. I've always been accused of being too sensitive and critical which is probably the case here. Again, I apologize for bringing it to a public forum.

As for the sport v.s street issue. I made a comment earlier about wrestlers v.s some members of a forum. I realize comments like this only complicate matters are pointless and rude.

I respect all, who for some reason or another, are passionate about learning to defend themselves and those close to them. I consider your site, as well as Sammy's, a great resource for this knowledge.


Thanks for the clarification Richard. I apreciate you taking the time to do such.

-Matt Thornton

Hey Doug, it's alright, no worries.

I guess Sammy's hard core approach has been associated to me. Although he and I are great friends, colleagues and associates in the Coalition; we are different. I personally don't feel that I have gone that route and am sorry if you were made to feel that way on my forum. Your opinions are valid and there's no need to apologize.

Thanks for the kind words Doug, please feel free and welcome to post on my forum anytime. If you feel that anyone there makes you feel unwelcome, let me know.

I would also like to thank the moderators of this forum for allowing me to post here and clarify myself.

Richard Dimitri

BreakUnose--NO SHIT! I bet that street's not on AAA's service route!

If "THEY" are comin at you with molotovs and machetes, the one thing I'm NOT doing is FIGHTING; Matt Thornton, Blauer, Franco, Bruce Lee all to HELL---It's Ben Johnson I'm talking about. There's NO martial art that's going to turn anyone into Superman.


Hmm..maybe some of those guys (or maybe be some of u? *no offense intended*) mistakenly took a skirmishes as an all-out-full-scale street battle..

Face it guys..a fight with a jobless a$$hole in a supermarket does not qualified as a is a street skirmishes..

In the streetfight, you have no chance to be pretty, u ain't got the luxury to be the "NHB CHAMP" or "MMA Master"..

those madmen don't give a sh*t about who you are and they won't come at you bare-handed..they WILL come at you with plenty of bricks, knives, machetes, few guns and lots and lots of molotov coctails...

PS: I always think USA is worse than Indonesia in term of violence..hmm..I guess I should reconsider..*shakin' head and sighing heavily*..:D


Molotav cocktails? Machetes? Madmen? Dude......what street do you hang out on?