Combat Corner Grappling Championships Volume 9 MKE

My long the friend & student Dan LaSavage of Combat Corner puts on a great affordable well run tournament.

Check out all the info below:


April 14th 2012

Greenfield Highschool

4800 South 60th Street 

Greenfield, WI


Combat Corner Grappling Championship Volume 9 will take place at Greenfield High School, with increased mat area to keep up with the growing number of competitors. Featuring two $400 cash prize Absolute divisions for under 170 lbs. and Unlimited. (Grit Mouthguards will also be providing Absolute Division winners with a custom mouth guard) Some of the Midwest's top teams and talent will be competing. At only $45 (pre-register) for both GI and NOGI divisions it remains one of the cheapest best run tournaments in the country. 1-3 places in all divisions will receive custom Die Cast medals, the division winner will get an additional prize from our sponsors.

Come and compete against some of the best teams and grapplers in the Mid-west.

Additional awards for division winners:

Absolute: Custom Grit Mouth guard ($150 value)

Advanced: Combat Corner Professional PRO Shorts ($44.99 value)

Intermediate: T-Shirt from Jiu Jitsu Tees ($19.99 value)

Beginner: Hat from BJJ Life / Life Brand ($19.99 value)

NOGI: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

GI: White, Blue, Purple & Up

Weight Classes: 140,155,170,185,205,225, 225+


YOUTH & TEEN Divisions

Will take place alongside CCGC Vol. 9 under the Youngstar Grappling Challenge III banner. The youth tournament will be headed up by BJJ Black Belts Justin Morris and Wade Barden. The divisions have changed slightly, so check them below.

Experience Level:

Under 12 months

Over 12 months

Age Groups:

5-6 Years old No Submissions

-55 lbs. 



7-9 Years old




10-12 Years old




13-15 Years old




No attacks below the waist

No Wrist Locks

No neck cranks or cervical locks

No scissor takedowns

No calf or bicep crushers

No slamming from guard or to escape submission

For More info or to Pre-Register

BJJ Life, Grit MouthGuards, Jiu Jitsu Tees, US Combat Sports


 I'm heading up the ref corps for the CCGC V-9 and we are looking for a few good men (or ladies) , preferably Purple Belt or Higher, that would be interested in ref-ing at the Combat Corner Tournament April 14 in Milwaukee (Greenfield HS).....I'd like to have a very diverse officiating crew that represents as many different academies as possible.

All refs are paid $100 for the day.  The previous tournaments ran about 10am - 4:00ish on 6 mats.  We expect this year will run even more effeciently with the addition of 2 mats taking us to 8 total.

If you or any of your higher ranking/experienced students are interested....please send me a message highlighting your experience.





I'll definitely be bringing a group up for this. The tournament is always well run.




Well ran tournie! Ugly group of bastards running it, but very well ran all the same. Phone Post

lol, was uglier when you were reffing.

Can't wait, but why the move to Greenfield HS?

@jaytrainwreck a coupe reasons for the move:

-Newer Facility
-More mats
-Even more centralized location for Wisconsin & Illinois.