Combat Corner Owner Demolishes Home Invader!

Someone just broke into the wrong house!! Check this video out by my friend Dan LaSavage this is crazy!!

that guy is a total bad ass. great post VU


That guy is awesome. Phone Post 3.0

should get some cameras for the house
maybe an alarm system too, plus a gun

B&E people run in teams and packs

In Phone Post 3.0

Glad he and his family are okay but it's not smart to post a video like that when he could still get fucked in civil court.

I did what I had to do for my family. We just moved in and it was our first night sleeping there. Not everything was moved in yet, so I had no guns etc., alot of people on facebook etc. are saying I should have shot him. Which was not a possibility, I didn't even have a sharp knife just butter knives in the house. So I had to rely on my skills and it worked, My family and I are all safe.

Regarding civil action I am not worried, and will stand and fight anything anyone could possibly bring. I'll do a counter civil suit if I have to.

I posted whats real and what happened for friends and family on facebook. It got alot of attention because of my message at the end. So I added it to youtube because of that message.

good for you man. not killing him probably turned out for the best. but I take it you had your daughter in the house right? Man it would be tough to not just kill him.

glad everything turned out ok for you and your family.

Nothing but respect man. Phone Post 3.0

Glad you and your family are ok.

You done good bro. Phone Post 3.0

For later Phone Post 3.0

well done Glad everyone is ok

You summed it up perfectly: "fuck that guy" Phone Post 3.0

good shit! and glad this didn't go another way!

Fuck, that's not exactly a good start in a new house. Hopefully the rest of those cunts around you heard the message loud and clear. Don't fuck with this guy.

"didnt even get through the whole Packer game..."

What's wrong with you, that was a HUGE game!

Ha. Glad things worked out okay.

Damn, I live in a great neighborhood about 35 minutes from your neck of the woods and Ive shopped at your store in the past. I would have put 3 .380s in him before i even thought of fighting him. Hes lucky you didnt have the nightstand special in the house yet

props for showing restraint when you could have held that choke like rafael torre and you would have been within the law since there was an armed (probably) felon in your house with your kid.

Youre a fucking saint if you ask me.

this should be the official restart of the Wisconsin bjj thread!

Just found out the dude has been arrested 56 times. Most burglaries, assault, DV. How the fuck do they let guys like this back on the streets. Phone Post 3.0

Hilarious because you got him... Scary because it could have had a completely different outcome.


I'm glad all of you are safe my man.